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It is characterized by fatigue purchase 6.25mg coreg blood pressure urination, 14 José Pedro Espada and Daniel Lloret Irles dizziness discount coreg 6.25 mg amex pulse pressure 14, difficulty urinating, lack of sweating and cramps. Other physical hazards related to the use of ecstasy are hyperthermia, stroke or acute hepatic failures. Ecstasy has been linked to the occurrence of panic attacks, and depressive and psychotic disorders (Bobes, 1995; Teran, 1995). Ecstasy consumption has also been linked with the emergence of suicidal ideation (National Drug Plan, 2002). Owing to continuous and systematic work, a wide and extensive epidemiological network accumulates data collected through a sophisticated system of indicators. Epidemiology in Addictions Epidemiology is the study of diseases and disorders that affect a large number of people in a population. Prevalence is understood to mean the percentage of people with a disorder in a given population and at a particular point in time. Prevalence is estimated using the following formula: Prevalence= (Number of cases with disorder/Total number of cases evaluated) x 100 The term incidence is used to analyze the emergence of new cases of a disorder over a period of time in a population. The formula used to calculate cumulative incidence is: Incidence = (Number of new cases in the monitoring/Total subjects evaluated) x 100 2. Prevalence of Substance Consumption in the School Population Epidemiological research on drug use has two characteristics that determine the information it provides. At times, objective measures, such as the quantity of drug consumed, have been employed; while on other occasions consumption has been assessed by 15 Basic Concepts in Drug Addiction quantifying the number of episodes of drunkenness. To that effect, the use of self-reporting techniques by means of, questionnaires, surveys, or through interviews predominates. This conditions the subsequent interpretation of the information, which may be affected by inherent biases of self-report measures. Having made these clarifications, we will now discuss the main and most recent epidemiological studies on substance use. The Spanish National Plan on Drugs carries out on a biannual basis the Survey on Drugs School Population, aimed at high school students aged between 14 and 18 years of age. From the latest survey, which covered a sample of more than twenty thousand students in Spain, several conclusions can be draw about current trends in the consumption of drugs: The consumption pattern among schoolchildren continues to be experimental or occasional, mainly associated with recreational contexts. Almost 43% of schoolchildren who had consumed alcohol within the last month did so exclusively on the weekend. The percentage of students who having previously used alcohol or tobacco repeated use of these substances in the past 30 days is respectively 89% and 76%. The consumption of other substances (cocaine, ecstasy, hallucinogens, amphetamines, volatile substances, heroin, etc. Comparing these results with those of previous surveys, we see a reduction in the consumption of most substances, more pronounced in the case of tobacco, cannabis and cocaine. On the other hand, the latter two substances are the most prevalent illegal drugs and those whose consumption had most grown in recent years. Tobacco consumption by adolescents is linked to incisive and targeted advertising campaigns by tobacco companies seeking new addicts in the face of middle-aged people who quit smoking because of health problems or on medical advice. Because of the high level of consumption in youth, a specific culture that surrounds it and a certain industry catering to its usage (magazines, products, music, etc. The consumption of all groups of alcoholic beverages is higher during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). For groups of beverages, according to alcohol content, beer and cider are the most consumed during the weekend (20. The consumption of beer/cider is higher among men, being the most common between the ages 35 and 44 (24. The measure of consumption of this substance is highly complicated because of the variety of beverage types, containers, consumption patterns and situations in which alcohol is drunk. There is also the added difficulty of establishing a definition clearly understood by all regarding what it means to consume alcoholic beverages. In short, the latest data from the National Drug Plan of Spain show: a) Spanish adolescents begin drinking at 13. Consumption is more prevalent in boys in all indicators, although this difference is not as pronounced as in other illegal substances. The extent and frequency of cannabis use increases between the ages of 14 and 18, with the greatest increase taking place between 14 and 15. These data take on more relevance if one takes into account that cannabis is often the substance that gives access to the use of other drugs such as cocaine or synthetic drugs, which are more addictive and have more harmful consequences for consumers.

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Clinical use of opioid analgesics Opioids are used in severe discount 6.25 mg coreg with visa prehypertension 139, constant pain order 25 mg coreg arrhythmia of the stomach, acute pulmonary edema (pulmonary edema associated with left ventricular failure), cough suppression, diarrhea, and preanaesthetic medication. Convlsants and respiratory stimulants: these are diverse group or drugs and have little clinical use. Certain short acting respiratory stimulants like doxapram, amiphenazole can be used in respiratory failure. Strychnine, picrotoxin and leptazole are used as chemical tools in experimental pharmacology in various animal models. Psychomotor stimulants: Drugs like amphetamine cause increased motor activity, euphoria, excitement and anorexia due to release of noradrerline and dopamine. Clinical uses: Amphaetamine is useful in the treatment of narcolepsy and attention deficit in children. Cocaine is occasionally used as a local aneasthetic, mainly in ophthalmology and minor nose and throat surgery. Khat is another drug that belongs to this group and it is a major drug of abuse in Ethiopia. As drugs of abuse amphetamine khat and cocaine produce strong psychological dependence and carry a high risk of adverse reactions. Drug dependence and drug abuse There are many drugs that human beings consume because they choose to, and not because they are advised to by physicians. Society in general disapproves, because in most cases there is a social cost; for certain drugs, this is judged to out-weigh the individual benefit and their use is banned in many countries. The ester containing compounds are usually inactivated in the plasma and tissues by non-specific esterases. Local anesthetics block the initiation of action + potentials by preventing the voltage-dependant increase in Na conductance. Local anesthetics are used in minor surgery, dentistry, abdominal surgery and painless childbirth. Methods of administration Uses Drugs Surface anaesthesia Nose, mouth, urinary tract Lidocaine Infiltration anaesthesia Direct injection into tissues to reach nerve Most braches and terminals. Write about mechanism of action and adverse effects of Phenytoin and carbamazepine. The etiologies include Obesity (because chronic calorie intake and prolonged stimulation of β cell causes a decrease in insulin receptor and also adipose tissue and muscle are less sensitive),hereditary,damage of pancreatic tissue, diabetogenic hormones(like growth hormone, thyroid, epinephrine), diabetogenic drugs like Thiazide diuretics, epinephrine, phenothiazines ,Other factors like Pregnancy. The common Signs and symptoms include polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, dehydration due to glucosuria. It is severe metabolic disturbance due to insulin deficiency, which results in hyperglycemia, ketonimia and later acidosis. It is characterized by headache, nausea, vomiting, rapid pulse, dry skin, deep breathing, and change in mentation. Hypoglycemic Coma is more serious complication which usually occurs due to excess dose of insulin which produces severe lowering of blood glucose that may leads to coma. The Sign /Symptom are mental confusion, in coordination, paresthesia, convulsion, coma and Signs of sympathetic over activity. Effects of insulin Carbohydrate metabolism Liver: it increases glycogen synthesis from glucose and glucose utilization while decreases gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis Muscle: it increases glucose uptake, glucose utilization and glycogen synthesis. Adipose tissue: it increases glucose uptake and glycerol synthesis (esterifies fatty acid) Fat metabolism Liver: it increases lipogenesis Adipose tissue: it increases synthesis of triglycerides and synthesis of fatty acid 130 Protein metabolism Liver: it increases protein catabolism Muscle: it increases aminoacid uptake and protein synthesis Other metabolic effect: + ++ It increases uptake of K and Ca into cells and synthesis of nucleic acids There are some factors that increase insulin demand: like Infection, surgery, pregnancy and drugs (those that antagonize actions of insulin glucocorticoids, thyroid hormone, adrenaline) Type of insulin preparation: A. They are also used in the treatment of hyper kalmia due to renal failure Adverse Reaction: can be categorized as Local: Atrophy or hypertrophy at site of injection, local hypersensitivity and secondary infections. First generation: Tolbutamide, Chlorpropamide Second generation: Glibenclamide, Glipizide Mechanism: hypoglycemic action is due to Stimulation of insulin release from β cell, Depression of glucagon secretion, Increase number of insulin receptor, Reduce insulin output from liver (Decrease hepatic gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis) Pharmacokinetics: They are rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. They are also extensively plasma protein bound and are mainly metabolized in the liver. The important toxic effects include: hypoglycemia, allergic skin rash and bone marrow depression, cholestatic jaundice (esp. Alcohol produces “Disulfirum” like action (flushing of the face, severe headache, vomiting etc.

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