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Innovations and ideas in Communities

We are signatories and subscribers to the London Borough of Islington Charter for Fairness and Equality.

This eight point charter, devised and mandated by Islington Borough Council, can be found on our web site here. We endorse the adoption of such charters in other boroughs and across all our our social businesses.

partnershipIconThings we do together as a team

Project management |  Research  |  Education and Literacy support  |  Children’s Book Reviews |  Book sellers and buyers  |  Children’s Centre development | Early Years Education & Childcare | Community Business growth and formation | Consultancy and training |  Working towards good governance practice with clients  |  Ethical Company formation  |  Business planning  |  Web hosting  |  Web design  |  All content creation to appropriate level and context…

businessPersonIconThis is some of our current project delivery workflow…in 2016

Parent Champion project development and training with Family & Childcare Trust  |  Children’s Centre Improvement Partnership  with London Borough of Islington |  Web development for children’s centres, schools and charities  | On-line journal publishing in specialist community development, enterprise and educational areas  |  Book sales and eBook publication  |   Literacy projects across the world with authors, illustrators, children and schools  |  Local and regional author visits and workshops…as well as finding time to contribute to a range of pro-bono projects in governance, new school establishment and social enterprise formation, amongst others.

Some of our digital assets

If a picture can paint a thousand words, then a website can save the printing of a thousand business portfolios…

Supporting projects with SmithMartin LLPpartnershipIconSmithMartin

Our social business treasury and ideas hub, where we plan and manage our development aims and project detail. Find us here…

We are a diverse, remote and connected group of long time associates in our sectors – with strong contact books across the piece, with repeat business from our clients sustaining our social aims and outputs.



Our development and archive resource for our community enterprise energy. Processes and information to help with your funding, business planning, governance and more.



Our community web business, providing revenue for the Partnership work, but also importantly, communication and ‘idea realisation’ for all our other projects too.


Dolphin Booksellers - children, books and imagination...businessPersonIconDolphinbooksellers.co.uk

Our retail children’s book business, the power of the imagination delivered by Amazon.co.uk

We also wholesale books under the Dolphin brand to schools, children’s centres and community groups. We have accounts with all the major publishers and wholesalers and use our procurement and literacy specialisms to provide installation and stock for community libraries too.


books go walkabout - crossing continents with a book...aeroplaneIconBooks go Walkabout

Our international book project, creating opportunities for authors on one side of the globe to talk and interact with children and teachers on the other. We use new technology and real time high speed internet connections to build bridges between very different communities.

Books go Walkabout is also now our registered UK publisher brand with a range of new titles, paper and eBook, always in development.



This was our very first ‘brand idea’ from just after the year 2001. Here we have re-vamped it and created a place where you can see the miscellany of our services and client support all on one site…


Supporting projects with SmithMartin LLP
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Working with schools, children's centres, charities and social business across the UK and beyond…