Social Business and Charity Development

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Entrepreneurship and social business

We can offer expertise in helping you to determine the shape and nature of your business proposition. We are most interested in helping individuals and organisations who bridge the divide between the Third Sector and the private sector.

How can your business idea, for developing the supply of goods or services, realise a surplus and yet still seek to achieve community good, individual welfare in the widest sense and  clear environmental impact?

We are not interested in developing business projects for individual profit.    –   If you have a social business idea, utilising enterprise skills to secure social outcome, then we are happy to talk with you and develop ideas without commitment.

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Community Business growth and formation

If you already have a nascent community business, but want to grow your enterprise, determine a better form of governance…or even improve your web and print marketing, then we can help too.

If you need a new company registration, limited by guarantee for example, to pursue your collective community interests, we are happy to advise on ‘form and filing’ for your ambitions.


At any point in the creation and growth process, we can use our skills as a live web business, broadly engaged community development consultancy and active contractor in the public and charity sectors.

The outputs we can achieve can be consultations, desk research, research reports, community events or web based consultation and questionnaires.

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Project Management

With your entrepreneurial spirit at high pitch, we can help you manage your project delivery. To the budget and time constraints you set. Either as a supportive gateway meeting presence/advisor or with Prince 2 style formal reporting.

Business Planning

When you have raised your first invoice, or delivered your first few till rings, we can help map the next few years, determine cash-flow, staffing, marketing and lean your project ever into sustainability.

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