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Good governance practice

We are a diverse, remote Partnership. As well as Partners in our LLP, every member of our project team will have experience as a Company Director, Charity Trustee, Headteacher, researcher, fee generating consultant or advisor and Operations Director.

We bring this wide experience, garnered from our work both in the UK and abroad, to help you reflect on innovative new governance forms, maximising traditional structures or providing a ‘pilot service’ to weather the storms of governance renewal, appraisal or development.

There is no magic elixir.

But we begin by asking the question…can we help?

Support funding applications

Our principal partners have successful experience at writing and securing funding bids from Lottery sources, charity grants, European funds, local authority programmes, business development allowances and loan schemes.

Careful in our attention to detail – to claim that every single application made in our business history was successful would be a lie – but we are immensely dogged in our ‘commitment to fund’, and in the enduring nature of the majority of our long-term client relationships.

We write speculative bids at no cost, if the project is right for us.

Ask us for more information here.

Charitable organisations

Like good governance, we believe in the charitable sector. Whether applying to the Commission for your new status, developing a tangential company for trade and liability protection or developing your ‘public benefit’ offering….we can help.

Creating sustainable futures

Unlike building a website, even this one, there is no rigid template.

Every project or organisation is different. Tempered by your people and the processes you have established, or endured, to date.

A spreadsheet is useful. A knowledge of crisp governance is supportive and an advisor you can trust is essential.

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