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 We code late into the night…so that you don’t have to!

 Content management for clients

Our Partnership has a long experience in managing both the development and maintenance of web sites and web-mail services for clients.

We can offer a fully managed service, from idea creation, design and page templates, content fulfilment and hosting.

Our service mantra is ‘next day or overnight’. We aim to add textual and image updates to your managed site, as if we were ‘in the next room’.

We process and convert images and documents for the web and can, if asked, produce full eBooks/pdf’s of your reports in many formats. (This can take a little longer than overnight…request early if possible).

If we can help, without commitment, contact us here.

Web hosting

Our hosting environment is located in the UK East Midlands, and  we can offer a range of cost efficient solutions to your hosting needs, from shared hosting for a static, low traffic web presence to a dedicated SSD installation or fully scaleable cloud-based service.

Domain purchases

We offer a fully maintained domain purchase, renewal and security service. We will help you choose and secure the web address for your organisation or project. We’ll keep it live and updated at all times. Guaranteed.

Web development

Whether you need a one page mini-site or a fully fledged on-line journal with subscription and e-commerce features, our tech team can work in partnership with you to create the right web solution for you.

We are specialists in WordPress development and deployment. (We built the site you are reading now…).  For simple, informative web sites to journals with complex content or subtle professional aims and objectives with tight ethical boundaries…we can help.

Copy and content provision

You can see from our home page the range of professional specialisms we can offer our clients. We use this broad, team based approach to offer clients content in their specialist area, based on current best practice, the latest research and the liveliest current debate.

New Media

  • If you need a Twitter presence, scheduled publication and content creation. We can manage this for you.
  • A Facebook presence with up to date content and imagery. We can manage this for you.
  • A LinkedIn presence, personal for each team member, or a corporate page cluster?  We can manage this for you.


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